In Germany assessed the damage to farmers from drought

В Германии оценили ущерб фермеров от засухи

Damage to the German farmers from the drought amounted to almost 3 billion euros

Only the Federal state of Mecklenburg – Vorpommern suffered losses of 531 million euros.

Total loss of German farmers from drought in eight Federal States amounted to almost 3 billion euros. According to the newspaper Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, in particular, the authorities of Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania reported damage to 531 million euros.

In Schleswig-Holstein damage was estimated at 422 million euros in Saxony – 308 million euros in Brandenburg 260 million. The loss of Rhineland-Palatinate from the drought amounted to 180 million euros, Thuringia 150 million and a Saar of 5.3 million.

The situation “confirms our fears,” said the President of the German edition of the peasant Union, Joachim Rukvid. He urged the country’s authorities and Federal States “to clarify the situation with the provision of first aid” to farmers in drought-affected regions.

In turn, the President of the Peasant Union of Saxony-Anhalt Olaf Feuerborn called for the establishment of crisis Fund, and to the emergence of new government-funded insurance mechanisms against drought. This will help agriculture prepare for future dry periods, he said. Contribute to the Fund can be used to “quickly and easily”, said Feuerborn.

For providing first aid to the farmer responsible land authorities. A decision on possible payments from the Federal budget will be made after harvest, and official damage assessment, said earlier the Minister of food and agriculture, Germany Julia klöckner. The last time such payments were made after the drought in 2003.

Earlier it was reported about anomalous heat, which was established around the world.

Source: Russian service of DW


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