In Germany check emissions from nearly one million cars, Daimler

В Германии проверят выбросы у почти миллиона автомобилей Daimler

Authorities suspect that almost machine group equipped with a program, manipulating the aftertreatment system.

The Federal office of motor transport (KBA) found in Daimler cars, five are forbidden to use software features that can disable the aftertreatment system. The Agency suspect that such functions are equipped with nearly one million vehicles with a diesel engine corresponding to Euro-6.

Representatives of Daimler declined to comment on the situation. At the same time, a spokesman for the automaker said that the company “transparently and in full,” has partnered with KBA and the Ministry of transport of Germany.

In addition, the representative of Daimler has denied reports that the investigation concerns a prohibited device to disable the system for purification of exhaust gases.

Like other automakers, Daimler uses for purification of exhaust gases, the urea solution. However, according to the KBA, its effectiveness is reduced without explainable reasons, when the motor after the start produces 17.6 grams of nitric oxide. But the other software features of the timing mechanism of the engine after 1200 seconds of his work starts a mode “pollutants”. New car models this mode starts after 2000 seconds after turning on the engine.

The head of Daimler Dieter Zetsche June 11, will again act the Ministry of transport to clarify the situation with the installation of an unauthorized device in the car group. The Agency previously suggested that 750 thousand Mercedes can be installed the program, manipulating the aftertreatment system. For this, the automaker faces a fine in the amount of 3.75 billion euros.

Earlier the concern Daimler suspected of cheating the US authorities. Discovered that the cars are equipped with illegal software, to help pass the stringent emissions test in the United States.

Source: Russian service of Deutsche Welle

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