In Germany climbed right on Brandenburg gate in protest against immigration policy

В Германии правые взобрались на Бранденбургские ворота в протест против миграционной политики

In Berlin, about 15 activists of right-wing organizations, “the German movement for identity” climbed the Brandenburg gate in Berlin, protesting against the immigration policy of the country. This writes Deutsche Welle.

“TASS” notes that the protesters stretched a banner with the inscription “Secure borders – safe future”.

The action was timed to the Day of open doors in the German government, which in 2016 was dedicated to including migration and integration topics.

Activistes Des allemands occupent la porte de #à Brandenburg #Berlin via @GoldenKrant

— LesNews (@LesNews) 27 Aug 2016

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The protest was terminated on demand arrived on the scene, law enforcement officers and activists down from the monument. Against participants of the rally intend taken in connection with the violation of paragraphs of the legislation on unlawful Assembly and trespassing on a public facility.

While no one was arrested, the personalities of the activists.

Jetzt haben sie Pyros entzündet. Unten brüllt eine Hand voll Leute Parolen, die ich nicht verstehe

— Marcel Keienborg (@LawTroll) 27 Aug 2016

The police believe that the protesters can be charged with the illegal invasion, violence, and violation of rules for conducting meetings.

Earlier mass protests against migrants took place in Sweden.