In Germany, estimated losses from the riots in Hamburg during the G20

В Германии подсчитали убытки от беспорядков в Гамбурге во время G20

Insurance payments in the aftermath of the riots in Hamburg during the G20 summit will amount to 12 million euros.

Insurance damage from the riots in Hamburg on the eve of and during the summit “group of twenty” (G20) was about 12 million euros. This assessment Tuesday, July 18, leads the German insurance Association (GDV).

This amount includes the insurance compensation for damages to cars, homes and businesses. About a third of the indicated amount, on the order of 4 million euros, accounted for the damages caused to the vehicles.

We will remind, on July 7-8, at the Hamburg summit of leaders of the countries “big twenty”. He was accompanied by protest actions which have outgrown in collisions are predominantly left-wing extremists with the police, burning cars, smashing and looting shops in areas located near the venue of the G20 summit.

Investigation of the riots by a special Commission.

Earlier, the German foreign Ministry said that the riots in the days of the G20 summit in Hamburg “has caused serious harm to the image of Germany in the eyes of the international community”.