In Germany prices dropped milk because of Russia’s counter-sanctions

В Германии подешевело молоко из-за контрсанкций России

Bundestag representative told the Russian media about the problems of German farmers.

In Germany dropped the price of milk and dairy products due to an embargo, which Russia introduced in response to EU sanctions. This was stated by the Chairman of the Bundestag Committee for economy and energy Peter Ramsauer, Interfax reported.

“The agricultural sector in Germany is suffering from the counter. For example, milk prices in the country fell from behind the counter,” said Ramsauer.

He assured that if to ask the German farmers about the Russian embargo, they say: “Remove these terrible sanctions, then Russia will withdraw its counter-sanctions”.

“I was in the store and saw all kinds of cheese, including Swiss. But the German cheese was not there”, – said Ramsauer.

The MP noted that “some areas in Germany have suffered greatly”.

“And that’s why we have to accelerate on the path of lifting the sanctions and to do it in stages,” he concluded.

As reported Корреспондент.netRussia lost $1.5 billion on a “tomato war” with Turkey. Moreover, Russian consumers have been in serious loss: the price of tomatoes in the shop three times higher than the price at which they imported into the country.

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