In Germany recalled more than half a million cars due to the exhaust system

В Германии отзывают более полумиллиона авто из-за системы выхлопа

In Germany, the automakers withdraw 630 thousand cars in workshops

The Federal government is increasing the pressure on violators of environmental norms.

German carmakers drop in workshops 630 thousand cars for the adjustment of the software controlling the exhaust system of diesel engines.

We are talking about cars brands Porsche, Volkswagen, Opel, Audi and Mercedes, said the representative of the government of Germany on Friday, April 22.

The government of Germany as part of a major investigation into the causes of the high content of harmful nitrogen oxides in the exhaust of diesel engines ordered on the audit of a wide range of vehicles. But it was found that only Volkswagen was trying to tamper with the software to hide the real performance exhaust.

The current recall of cars in workshops conducted with the aim to narrow the loopholes in the law that allow automakers under certain conditions slow down the exhaust after-treatment system, and thereby to take care about reducing environmental pollution, said the representative of the German government.

Source: Russian service of DW