In Germany responded to the accusations trump “huge” debt to NATO

В Германии ответили на обвинения Трампа в "огромных" долгах перед НАТО

The Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Lean rejects the accusations of the President of the United States of America Donald trump to Berlin that he owed a “huge amount” of NATO. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

“There is no debt in the framework of NATO. To bind exclusively to the NATO defence spending at 2% of GDP, which we want to achieve by the middle of next decade, is erroneous,” – said the head of the defense Ministry of Germany.

Ursula von der Lean also said that in the framework of NATO except for the level of defense spending as a percentage of GDP should take into account the so-called “activity index” which, in particular, would take into account the participation of the armed forces of the countries in joint actions of NATO.

The German government has repeatedly stressed that it will meet all its NATO commitments, and by 2024 will increase defense spending to 2% of GDP annually, which was agreed at the NATO summit 2014 in Wales.

Earlier, Donald trump said that Germany needs the United States and NATO “huge amounts of money” for providing an expensive defense system.

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