In Germany said on preventing terrorist attack at the Mall

В ФРГ заявили о предотвращении теракта в торговом центре

German police arrested two men in Duisburg on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack, writes the BBC Russian service.

The police said that two brothers, born in Kosovo, planned attack on a shopping Mall in Oberhausen in the North of Germany.

No other details yet.

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Information about the arrest came amid ongoing searches of the alleged perpetrator of the recent terrorist attack in Berlin Anise Amri.

The family of 24-year-old native of Tunisia, who is on the run, turned to him with an appeal to surrender.

Amri is wanted across Europe for information about a reward of 100 thousand euros.

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The police confirmed that his fingerprints were found on doors and in the cab of the truck that drove into a crowd of people at the fair on December 19.

The attack claimed the lives of 12 people, nearly 50 injured.