In Germany sports officials opposed the participation of Russia in the Olympics

В ФРГ спортивные функционеры выступили против участия России в Олимпиаде

German sports officials urged to suspend Russia from participation in the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in connection with a growing scandal over doping in Russian sports. Reported by Deutsche Welle.

“Once in Russia, the doping is applied so systematically, the Russian team should not have to go to summer games in Rio,” said the President of the German athletics Federation Clemens Prokop.

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Chairman of the Board of the German Olympic sports Confederation Michael Vesper also responded to the accusations. “New accusations against Russia about the state of doping practices are appalling and a severe blow to the entire Olympic movement. World anti-doping Agency WADA should as soon as possible and most thorough way to investigate”, he said.

Vesper stressed that if these allegations are true, it should have the appropriate consequences.

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Previously, the former head of the Moscow anti-doping centre Grigory Rodchenkov said that several Russian athletes-participants of winter Olympic games of 2014, including a minimum of 15 medals, was dope.