In Germany, the ceremony of transfer of presidential power Steinmeier

В Германии состоялась церемония передачи президентской власти Штайнмайеру

From left to right: Elke Buedenbender, Steinmeier, Daniela Schadt, Joachim gauck

Today, at the presidential Bellevue Palace in Berlin took place the ceremony of transfer of presidential power Frank-Walter Steinmeier, reports Deutsche Welle.

It is noted that before the official ceremony, the outgoing President, Joachim gauck and his wife Daniela Schadt met Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the future first lady Elke Buedenbender on the stairs in front of the Palace.

Recall, March 15, in Germany the election of the President. According to German law, the head of state is elected by the Federal Assembly, a special constitutional body, which form the Bundestag (German Parliament). The majority of German legislators (931 1 239 votes) supported the candidacy of former foreign Minister and member of the Social democratic party (SPD) Frank-Walter Steinmeier. For President he was nominated by the party that form a coalition government including the Christian democratic Union (CDU), Christian social Union (CSU) and the SPD. Candidate Steinmeier also supported some opposition parties – the green and Free democratic party of Germany (FDP). Only the election was attended by 5 candidates.

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