In Germany, the owners of Tesla demanded the return of subsidies

В Германии у владельцев Tesla потребовали вернуть субсидии

In Germany, owners of the Tesla Model S should return to local authorities a subsidy for electric vehicles to €4 thousand

Car model Tesla Model S in Germany was considered too expensive, so their buyers could qualify for financial assistance from the state.

The German Federal service for economy and export control (BAFA) has demanded from owners of cars Tesla Model S back to local authorities the subsidy on the electric car in the amount of €4 thousand this is with reference to the statement of the Agency said on Wednesday, July 18, Bloomberg.

According to the Agency, the models of this car service was considered too expensive, so their buyers could qualify for financial assistance from the state.

Reportedly, only public subsidies – so-called environmental bonus in Germany has received around 800 buyers of Model S. Its electric vehicles they purchased prior to March 6. The compensation plan was designed specifically to increase sales of electric cars and hybrid vehicles equipped with internal combustion engine and the electric motor with a large rechargeable battery. To receive subsidies from the state in the framework of this programme, States the report of the German Federal services, had another 250 car owners, but now they are denied.

In Tesla, commenting on the situation in Germany, announced that they are going to appeal against this decision. The owners of electric vehicles manufacturer, according to the press service, will cover the cost of grants as long as the problem not solved.

“As stated on our website, anyone in Germany could always order the basic version of the model S, which was below the required level of prices and we deliver these cars to customers,” the company said.

Germany subsidizes the purchase of electric vehicle drivers, base price not exceeding €60 thousand According to the materials on the company website, the cost of a Tesla Model S depending on the components ranges from €92,55 thousand to €139.8 thousand

The right to subsidies from the German authorities under this program for purchase of Tesla Model S drivers in Germany can be obtained only if the car they purchased after March 6, said the Federal Agency for Economics and export control Germany. On this day, Tesla, as explained in the Department, was able to prove to German authorities that drivers in Germany can order and buy the base Tesla Model S at a price not more than €60 thousand

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