In Goschs told the details of the collapse on the landfill in Lviv region

В ГосЧС рассказали подробности обвала на свалке во Львовской области

The Director of the Department of emergency response state emergency service of Ukraine Volodymyr Demchuk told about the details of the incident with the collapse of garbage in a landfill in Lviv region. The corresponding video was placed in Youtube service.

He said that the collapse on the landfill site of municipal solid waste around the village Zbyranka of the Zhovkva district, occurred at 15:20.

“During the collection of fire-fighting equipment after extinguishing a fire caused a shift in the debris in the area around 300х80 m with a height of about 90 metres,” said Demchuk.

To search for three members of the SES who were under the rubble, attracted 217 people of staff and 23 units of equipment. Including canine calculations. Work is being done continuously. On site there are also the head of Lviv regional state administration and the head of the local state emergency service.

To follow the progress of the search operation on our website.

We will remind that this morning reported that a fire that originated at the dump yesterday, this morning already extinguished. Garbage burned area of 2 thousand sq. m. In the absence of landfills near water sources for fire extinguishing fire main has been laid, the line length of about 3 km and of organized water supply by water-carriers from a distance of 5 km.