In Greenland found the threatening “dark” zone

В Гренландии обнаружили угрожающую "темную" зону

The “dark” area in Greenland

It is a layer of soot and dust, and provokes the rapid melting of ice. This, in turn, contributes to higher sea levels and threatening coastal flooding.

A group of Norwegian scientists have discovered in Greenland “dark” zone, which was formed at the ice shield. It is a mixture of soot and dust, and provokes the rapid melting of ice. About it writes Science Alert.

According to the researchers, the rapid pace of ice melting cause a rapid rise in sea level and threaten inundation of coastal areas worldwide.

Currently, the area of the dark zone is about 400 km and a maximum width of 100 kilometers. In this area grow dark algae that feed on carbon particles, giving the ice in this area a darker shade.

As a result of the algae from the ice decreases the ability to reflect the sun’s rays, and it starts to melt quickly.

Liquid water further promotes the growth of algae, which in turn increases the area of the dark zone.

According to scientists, the main reason for the reduction in the volume of ice is soot from forest fires and other combustion processes.

Earlier it was reported that scientists concerned about the rapid pace of liberation of the Arctic from ice.

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