In Guinea-Bissau army barracks in unknown shot 11 people

В Кабо-Верде в армейской казарме неизвестные расстреляли 11 человек

In Cape Verde (a small island nation off the West coast of Africa) in army barracks found the bodies of 11 people. The victims were shot, according to Reuters on Tuesday, April 26, citing state television and police sources.

Among the dead were eight soldiers and two Spanish citizens and one local civilian.

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The authorities have not reported details of the incident. On Wednesday they plan to hold a press conference in connection with the incident.

Reuters recalls that in Guinea-Bissau waging war against gangs smuggling Latin American cocaine into Europe. The country has already been several skirmishes. However, it is unknown whether the killing in the barracks with the fight against drug smuggling.

Guinea-Bissau is cooperating with law enforcement authorities in Western countries. In particular, in early April the authorities detained 280 kg of cocaine that was transported was registered in Brazil fishing boat.

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The Associated Press reports that, according to the statement of the authorities of the island state, killed soldiers carried out the security communication center, and killed the Spaniards were technical specialists. Authorities said that the incident is not an attempted coup and that there is no direct connection between this incident and the recent outbreaks of violence by drug traffickers.