In Henichesk found a car with explosives

В Геническе обнаружили авто со взрывчаткой

In the car found the explosives

In abandoned cars found 10 kg of plastid, mass media.

The police and the security service have found a car Daewoo Lanos, in which there were bags of explosive, the detonators and the bomb squad, said Nasolili.

The car with numbers of other region was located in one of the streets of the city. Inside the explosive device was neutralized. Currently at the scene working investigative team and the experts.

According to sources of the edition New visit in the car was more than 10 kg of Semtex. Suspicious about car, police said locals.

On the eve of an explosion in Henichesk occurred on the second floor of shop “the Podium” near the Central market. The shot was fired from a distance of about 50 meters. The blast wave knocked out Windows and doors, scattered shards of glass and plastic.