In Hungary, told how to help Ukraine

В Венгрии рассказали, как помогают Украине

Istvan Gresa – Plenipotentiary of Hungary in Transcarpathia

Budapest has responded to the threat of Kiev to deny entry to the country the newly appointed Commissioner to the Minister for the Transcarpathia.

The newly appointed Commissioner of the Minister of Transcarpathia Istvan Gresa commented on the statement the foreign Ministry of Ukraine about the readiness to deny him entry into the country if Budapest does not give clarification on this position. This writes the Voice of the Carpathians, referring to the statement of GREI Agency MTI.

Grega almost three years served as a Commissioner of the Hungarian government, which was responsible for coordinating the relationship between the Szabolcs-szatmár-Beregsau and Transcarpathian regions.

The official stated that its activities are not directed against Ukraine. He stressed that in the future will be to ensure that the development of the Western region of Ukraine and neighboring regions of Hungary were coordinated and implemented on the basis of transparent objectives.

In Budapest stressed that it is successful dozens of the same programs increase the acquisitions of Hungarian and Ukrainian communities.

As an example we present the reconstruction of the roof of Mukachevo regional children’s hospital, provision of free vaccine to stop the spread of measles epidemic, saving the lives of 18 newenergy the inhabitants of Transcarpathia, which required urgent kidney dialysis, updates kindergartens, where they not only Hungarian children, but are mixed groups, and the like. “A few days ago Hungary gave the Carpathians tons of chlorine to the Hungarians and Ukrainians in the region have clean drinking water”, – reminded in Budapest.

It is noted that Hungary has undertaken many such gestures that relate to the majority of the indigenous population of Ukraine. As, for example, financing the manufacture and installation of the monument to Taras Shevchenko in Berehove or upgrading of the Greek-Catholic chapel in Tuchola, not to mention rehabilitation in Hungary the wounded in ATO fighters.

“All this does not mean interference in the internal Affairs of Ukraine, and improve the quality of life of the Transcarpathian Hungarians and Ukrainians. It is outrageous that the foreign Ministry of Ukraine ignores all these points and threatens to ban entry into the country of the Commissioner, who for the last three years have done the most to support Hungarian and Ukrainian inhabitants of the region, and also strengthening good-neighborly relations between the two countries,” – said the Presidium of the Cabinet of Ministers of Hungary.

Earlier the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed outrage at the recent statements of the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban that he does not believe in the European integration intentions of Kiev.

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