In Ichnia continue single explosions – Ministry of defence

В Ичне продолжаются одиночные взрывы - Минобороны

In Ichnia eliminate the effects of explosions in warehouses of ammunition

A fire at technical area eliminated, continue single explosions of low intensity in areas of corruption, the Ministry said.

As at 10.30 am on 11 November in Ichnia continued single explosions at two sites. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of defence with reference to working on the site of emergency the head of communications and press of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Alexey Chernobay.

According to him, the fire at technical area eliminated, there are single explosions of low intensity at two sites, where there is corruption. Significantly reduced the smoke.

“On the territory of the 6th Arsenal continues to work the operative group on liquidation of consequences led by the leadership of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine and Armed forces of Ukraine. The interaction with subdivisions of the security service, gschs of Ukraine, the National police and the local headquarters of the territorial defence. In the Arsenal of the forces of VS of Ukraine and organized DSNS extinguishing decay on technical areas,” – said in the message.

The defense Ministry added that currently the technical territory of an Arsenal of fire works 9 tanks GPM-54, 3 engineering machinery obstacle clearing (WRI), two fire plane an-32P from SSES and 9 fire engines. On 10 October, the aircraft flew 21 water discharge. As of 10.30 today already carried out 9 discharges.

“To coordinate the forces and means attracted to the liquidation of the foci of decay and the consequences of an accident organized Aero investigation of armed forces of Ukraine. In addition, since October 10 in the Arsenal there are 10 groups of clearance, which carried out surface cleaning 70% of the administrative territory of the Arsenal,” said the authors.

In addition, in settlements near the Arsenal 21 pyrotechnic group from NSCS of Ukraine with the aim of identifying and cleaning the area from explosive objects.

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