In India a bus fell into a gorge, killing 15 people

В Индии автобус упал в ущелье, погибли 15 человек

In India a crowded bus fell into a gorge, killing at least 15 people and 30 injured, reports “TASS” with reference to the Indian media.

It is reported that the accident occurred in Chamba district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. According to surviving passengers, the driver lost control of the vehicle at the time when he was busy talking on a cell phone while driving that caused the incident.

At the scene died, seven people, the rest were taken to hospitals.

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“The death toll would be less if the wounded were taken to the hospital in time. 108 ambulances arrived late, despite repeated calls,” said a local resident.

It is reported that the local administration had provided financial assistance to all the victims ‘ families.

As reported in South Ossetia has fallen in a precipice the bus with the Russian officers, killed six people.

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