In India killed more than 40 people from extreme cold weather

В Индии погибли более 40 человек от аномальных холодов

Authorities canceled classes in all elementary and secondary schools.

More than 40 people were killed over the past day from the abnormal cold weather in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in the North of the country, home to about 200 million it is reported by the IANS.

For the last week in the state had a record cold minimum temperature in individual regions ranged from 2,9 of -7.5 degrees. The Central heating in India is missing. In total from the cold since January 5, it killed 143 people, some of whom are children.

The clash of air fronts and high humidity resulted in a thick fog, which seriously disrupted rail traffic in Uttar Pradesh. As of Wednesday morning, the visibility in many areas does not exceed 15-20 meters. For this reason, the authorities took the decision to cancel or delay the sending of tens of trains.

In addition, the state was at least several accidents, provoked mainly low visibility. Their victims were at least five people.

Classes in all elementary and secondary schools cancelled. Meteorologists predict that the current weather conditions will continue in Uttar Pradesh for two days.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously in India, two avalanches. As a result of the incident killed 11 people.

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