In India, seven tourists were killed on the cable car

В Индии семь туристов погибли на канатной дороге

Cableway in the resort of Gulmarg

In “limbo” were about 100 people.

In the Indian state of Kashmir ski resort of Gulmarg killed at least seven tourists in the fall, the cabin on the cable car. This writes India Today.

“At least seven tourists were killed and about 100 are believed to have been in “limbo” in Gulmarg after the cabin lost pine”, – stated in the message.

The publication notes that the cabin fell after the wind knocked a pine tree, and the tree falling, cut the rope. In the booth there was a family from Delhi, consisting of four people, including two children, and a local guide. Who were two more victims, not specified.

Now carried out the rescue operation.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously in India for the wedding of 23 people were killed and another 28 injured in the result of the collapse of the wall, which was covered with the guests of the celebration.