In Ishmael, in a residential house burned down three apartments

В Измаиле в жилом доме сгорели три квартиры

Damaged three apartments, the strongest of all is No. 101 on the fourth floor

Eyewitnesses claim that on the balcony of one apartment there were two explosions. Her owner received burns and were hospitalized.

On Saturday morning, December 15, there was a large fire in the city of Izmail in Odessa region in an apartment house №8 on the Phanagorian the street. It is reported by the Duma.

“Flashed at half past seven in the morning. Firefighters arrived at the scene within eight minutes of receipt of the message. By 9:30 fire managed to be liquidated. The fire covered a total of 130 square meters”, – stated in the message.

Damaged three apartments, the strongest of all is No. 101 on the fourth floor. She’s completely burnt out, along with a balcony. Also the fire damaged property and the balconies in the apartments of No. 104 and 105 on the fifth floor.

Eyewitnesses claim that on the balcony of the apartment No. 101 in the morning two explosions thundered. The sound was like exploded firecrackers. After this fire, emerged on the balcony, was thrown into the apartment.

According to the information SSES, in the apartment where the fire occurred, lived three people. The owner of the property, a man born in 1984, suffered burns and was hospitalized in Central city hospital. Doctors say that his life is not in danger. On the extent of the injuries you will be sure to speak in two days. Also rescuers evacuated 18 tenants of the house.

Residents of the neighborhood Fortress, where the fire occurred, saying that the victim is not one year was engaged in artisanal production of firecrackers that were stored on the balcony. Apparently, this explosion of pyrotechnics was the cause of the incident.

We will remind, in the morning of 14 December, an explosion occurred in a five-storey building in the town of Fastov. In Kievoblgaz stated that it found no trace of gas at the blast site.

The explosion in Fastov two people were killed and another was injured.

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