In Israel at the refinery, a massive explosion

В Израиле на нефтеперерабатывающем заводе прогремел мощный взрыв

A powerful explosion occurred in one of the largest oil refineries of Israel after the ignition of fuel containers, reports the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

As reports the edition, tank with a capacity of 12 cubic meters was filled only tenth at the moment when the fire occurred. As informed members of fire and rescue services to the emergency immediately arrived fire brigades and emergency services. As a result of incident nobody has suffered.

“There were no casualties, a large number of members of the fire service works to prevent the spread of fire to nearby objects” – the newspaper quotes the company’s statement of Bazan – Bazan, which owns the plant.

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The Minister for environmental protection Zeev Elkin took the decision to convene an operational meeting, which will be attended by senior officials of the Ministry. As reported, the Ministry will evaluate the effects of fire and its impact on the environment, and will also send instructions to factories and local residents.

According to the statement of the municipal Association of environmental protection, residents of the city of Kiryat Motzkin and Kiryat Haim to stay indoors, close Windows and doors due to the possible emission of toxic substances.

As previously reported, in Russia, in the former Arsenal explosion, which killed two men.