In Israel have found the oldest beer

В Израиле нашли самое древнее пиво

Scientists have discovered the remains of fermented wheat, whose age is about 14 thousand years.

In the Israeli cave Rakefet on mount Carmel, archaeologists discovered the remains of the ancient beer in the history of mankind. About it reports a

The find was discovered in the graves of the ancient inhabitants of natufian. The remains of the fermented grain of wheat plants or a similar date from 13.7 to 11.7 thousand years.

Scientists suggest that one of them could cook the malt. Granules of starch and pettily prasowych plants, oats and legumes were found on the ancient millstones.

The culture of natufian existed in Israel, Syria and Lebanon around 14,5-11,5 thousand years ago. Presumably they first started to bake whole-grain bread.

Earlier, the international team of archaeologists in Croatia have found clay pots with remnants of cheese, which 7,2 thousand years Also the correspondent wrote that in Crete revealed the double tomb

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