In Israel have found the oldest mention of Jerusalem

В Израиле нашли древнейшее упоминание Иерусалима

Found the oldest mention of Jerusalem stone

It is included in the Hebrew inscription discovered on the stone pillar. The inscription refers to the beginning of our era.

Israel was found on the stone inscription in Hebrew from the earliest mention of Jerusalem. It dates from the first century of our era. From 10 October it will be on display at the Israel Museum. This writes The Jewish Press.

The inscription found on one of the pillars of the building during the excavation, which was made by the staff of the Israeli antiquities authority. Column belong to the Roman building of the time of the reign of Herod the Great. The inscription on it reads “Hananiah the son Dodalos from Jerusalem.”

“As a Jerusalem resident I am extremely happy to read the inscription carved more than 2,000 years ago, especially now, when it will be available to every child, because it is made in clear language, and the modern spelling,” said Museum Director IDO Bruno at a press conference.

In this case to determine exactly who was Hananiah, archaeologists can’t. It is assumed that he was an artist or a Potter.

According to the Jerusalem regional archaeologist Yuval Baruch and Haifa University Professor Ronny Reich, this is the only stone inscription in the beginning of our era, which includes the name of Jerusalem.

Earlier it was reported that archaeologists revealed a knife of bone, which is 90 thousand years.

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