In Israel intend to ban the morning Muslim call to prayer through loudspeakers

В Израиле намерены запретить утренний призыв мусульман к молитве через громкоговорители

In Israel, a bill that prohibits using loudspeakers to call to prayer from the mosques, received the first support. It is reported by Al Jazeera. The bill received preliminary approval on Wednesday during the parliamentary session: 55 votes for and 48 against.

When voting in the hall was chaos, and emotions. So, Zuhair, balol, Palestinian member of the Israeli Parliament, called the bill “a Declaration of war between common sense and racism.” Ayman Odeh, a member of the joint list of parties representing the Palestinian minority of Israel, left the Parliament after he stood up and tore a copy of the bill.

Supporters of the bill say it is aimed at improving the quality of life of people living near mosques, which in the early morning to awaken the loudspeakers mounted on the minarets. The law will only affect the call to prayer at dawn, known as Fajr. Critics of the bill argue about its uselessness, because there is a law about the maximum allowable noise level.

Israeli politicians stated that the country protects religious rights of all religions equally, including its Palestinian citizens.

For violations of the act, the authorities can impose a fine of 10 thousand shekels (2,7 thousand dollars).

According to rough estimates, about 1.7 million Palestinians have Israeli citizenship and live all over the country. They account for almost 20% of Israel’s population.

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