In Israel on suspicion of arson of forests arrested 12 people

В Израиле по подозрению в поджогах лесов арестованы 12 человек

In Israel because of the fires evacuated the 12 districts of Haifa, November 24, 2016

In Israel on suspicion of arson or incitement to arson arrested 12 people. About it reports

According to the publication, in different areas of Israel are still hundreds of smoldering foci, and a strong gust of wind could once again fan the flames in any of them.

We will remind, in the Israeli city of Haifa because of the massive fire were evacuated residents of 12 blocks.

The Ministry of environment has urged residents of Haifa not to leave their homes due to severe pollution. The mayor of Haifa has asked residents not to come to the affected areas and to give the firefighters to do their job.

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The police in the country consider that some of the fires that engulfed the center and North of the country, arose as a result of arson, perhaps, on nationalist grounds.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry recommends Ukrainians to contact the hotline of the Embassy in Israel because of the fires in Haifa.