In “IT school Samsung” – prom

В "IT-школе Samsung" - выпускной

The company “Samsung Electronics Ukraine” summed up the results of the social project and noted the success of participants with gifts.

The participants of the project – Ukrainian high school students – learned the basics of programming and create their own IT products. Now, young developers can boast applications for Android operating system of its own design. Certificates of successful training on the project “IT school Samsung” has already received 22 graduate 2016-2017 school year. To take part in the project had to successfully pass a placement test. This year it was attended by about 200 pupils from 7 to 11 classes.

A variety of useful applications for OS “Android” was developed by graduates of the “IT school Samsung” for the academic period. Five of these students prezentovala the event at the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. Guests had the opportunity to test applications on smartphones and tablets, as well as to communicate with young developers.



But the cooperation of “Samsung Electronics Ukraine”, the Ministry of education and the Institute of modernization of content of education is not over but just beginning! The parties signed a tripartite Memorandum on cooperation from 2017 to 2019, which aims to expand the geography of the project. This will allow more Ukrainian skelliconnection to learn the basics of developing applications for the Android operating system and closer to their desired goals.

The program of the project “IT school Samsung” is designed for one academic year which consists of 6 main modules. Students are taught object-oriented programming in Java for Android and the basics of information security. Also here devote to the basics of programming in Java and C, learn introduction to database management system on the example of SQLite, as well as comprehend the introduction of the World Wide Web.

— The aim of the project “IT school Samsung” to give the young generation access IT-education and help to reach their full potential, – said the President of the company “Samsung Electronics Ukraine” Jay Sul Yu — We will expand the geography of the project this year and take another step towards the modernization of the Ukrainian education. The future belongs to the youth and quality education is the key to its success.

— For the successful learning needs 3 components: computer equipment, professional teachers and motivated students. But to reach the heights of talent and constant work. But even the hardest work will be done in fun, if you love your work, – said the Deputy Minister of education and science of Ukraine Pavlo Khobzey while summing up the project, founded by “Samsung Electronics Ukraine”.