In Ivano-Frankivsk oblast detained two foreigners with fake currency seized about 500 thousand dollars. and 200 thousand euros

В Ивано-Франковской обл. задержали двух иностранцев с фальшивой валютой, изъято около 500 тыс. долл. и 200 тыс.евро

In Ivano-Frankivsk region, law enforcers detained two foreigners in attempt of sale of counterfeit currency. This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor’s office.

According to information, the special operation took place on the night of 27 April, and detained citizens of Nigeria and the UK.

According to preliminary data, the detainees were made and transported with a sales objective counterfeit banknotes. Law enforcement agencies seized from malefactors snippets (cliche) banknotes in denominations of 100 U.S. dollars in the amount of 500 thousand USD 200 thousand euros.

On this fact began criminal proceedings on signs of the criminal offense under part 2 of article 199 (manufacture, possession, acquisition, transport, transfer, import to Ukraine with the aim of using while selling goods, or sale of counterfeit money, etc.) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Procedural management in criminal proceedings is performed by Prosecutor’s office of area.

Earlier it was reported that in Kherson detained the criminal group, who withdrew from Bank cards of hundreds of Ukrainians, 10 million UAH.

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  1. I have a questions? How did the culprits come into possession of the said monies? Such a huge amount of money cannot come in through any Ukrainian land borders without being detected right? If it did, then something is wrong with the country’s borders and the patrols. Since it was not mentioned in this news, I want to assume that this monies came through a Ukrainian bank. Which Ukrainian bank was that? Tell us. The detained people are not bankers, right? Because i am yet to see a dark skinned foreigner working in any Ukrainian bank. I am yet to hear or see that person. So, a manager, or cashier of Ukrainian origin is/was involved. Because before the police was tipped to catch the boys, such money had gone through a bank!

    1. And the bank managers and/or cashier plus bank itself took their commissions. This obviously a set up to indict the foreigners. Even if the said money was stolen, it wasn’t stolen from any Ukrainian person or establishment. And it is being spent in Ukraine, are you not supposed to be happy? Your economy is seeing a push )

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