In Japan created the world’s first space Elevator

В Японии создали первый в мире космический лифт

Rocket launch

A prototype device will test next week, launching it into orbit.

Japanese scientists have created the world’s first prototype space Elevator. They plan to conduct the first launch by a launch vehicle H-IIB. It is reported

The orbit Elevator will be sent in the coming days. While the space Elevator remains a hypothetical structure whose Prime function is to deliver cargo into space without a rocket.

The prototype looks like a box with a motor size with a length of 6 centimeters and a base of 3 cm equipped with 10-meter cable, which stretches between the small satellites.

The basis of the space Elevator has to be a line strung from the Ground to the space station in the geostationary orbit.

Earlier it became known that the SpaceX launch vehicle with astronauts in April 2019. Also the correspondent wrote that the scientists have admitted the existence of life on oceanic planets

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