In Japan postponed the launch of the first private rocket

В Японии перенесли запуск первой частной ракеты

Rocket MOMO has a height of 9.9 meters and weighs about a ton

Event postponed due to weather.

The first ever launch of a rocket made entirely by a Japanese private company, Interstellar Technologies, postponed on July 30 due to adverse weather conditions.

According to the report on the company’s website-Creator of rocket MOMO, the launch was originally scheduled for July 29, between 15.45 and 17 hours local time (9.45 and 11.00 Kyiv time, respectively) from the landfill near the settlement Taiki on the island of Hokkaido.

“Due to bad weather conditions and lack of visibility of the launch postponed to 30 July between 5.00 and 8.00 a.m. local time (23.00 2.00 Saturday and Sunday in Kiev, respectively)”, – stated in the message of Interstellar Technologies.

Rocket MOMO has a height of 9.9 meters and weighs about a ton. It is assumed that it can deliver up to 20 kilograms of cargo to a height of 120 kilometers.

After launch, the rocket will rise to a height of about 100 kilometers, and then for about 4 minutes, it will continue flying in the thermosphere. After the rocket runs out of fuel, its head part should land in the Pacific ocean with a parachute.

The cost of the project, how to write Japanese media, is estimated at 50 million yen (about 450 thousand dollars). The developer hopes that the launch of MOMO allows her to approach even one step towards the creation of commercial rockets designed to output to space of small satellites.

Recall that Iran recently tested a space launch vehicle.

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