In Japan, the Nikkei reached a record for the year

В Японии фондовый индекс Nikkei достиг рекорда за год

The index reflects the prices of shares of 225 leading Japanese companies.

The Nikkei 225 reached on the Tokyo stock exchange record for the 10.5 month mark the weakening of the Japanese yen compared to the dollar, according to the auction.

The index, reflecting the stock prices 225 leading Japanese companies, after the opening of trading on Thursday rose by 193,83 points compared with the figure at the close of trading on Tuesday before 18356,77 points.

The national currency rose to 112,51 yen per dollar – the highest figure for the last eight months.

Recall that US stock indexes Dow Jones and S&P 500 Wednesday, November 23, once again reached a record level against the background of internal data and the publication of minutes of the Federal reserve.

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RIA Novosti