In Japan, the participant is eating the speed choked and died

В Японии участник конкурса поедания на скорость подавился и умер

The competition of consumers in the Japanese city of Hikone ended in tragedy 28-year-old starter died, choking on a traditional local dish of rice with a filling called “onigiri”, reports the Japan Times.

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It is noted that in the competition on speed eating a rice ball was attended by 15 people. Consumers had to eat five rice balls for three minutes. The event was held as a promotional campaign to promote local farm products, including rice.

One of the participants put it in his mouth all the balls at once and they could not swallow. From suffocation the Japanese fainted. The competition was attended by doctor and nurse, but they failed to help the man. Lover riceball was taken to hospital where he died three days later.

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According to the organizers of the contest, competition was worked out security measures, in particular, near each participant was a Cup of tea.

Whether a criminal case against members of the competition, is still unknown.