In Kamyanets-Podilsky due to the outbreak of intestinal infection in a kindergarten was hospitalized four children

В Каменце-Подольском из-за вспышки кишечной инфекции в детсаду госпитализировали четверых детей

In Kamianets-Podilskyi, Khmelnytskyi region was recorded outbreak of intestinal infection in a kindergarten. In hospital hospitalized four children. This was reported by the correspondent of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“In Kamenetz-Podolsk kindergarten No. 2 recorded outbreak of intestinal infection in hospital in the infectious Department hospitalized four children. Professionals of public health services say the cause may be an intestinal infection. Already surveyed 33 of the contact person. Among them 21 children, but ultimately, what caused the disease, doctors yet do not speak. For bacteriological studies on pathogenic flora of selected samples and the samples of drinking water. In the very hearth conducted the final disinfection,” said the reporter.

He noted that in Starokonstantinovsky district of Khmelnitsky region was another outbreak of intestinal infection.

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“Poisoned 15 people, including one child, after the festivities, the treats at the jubilee. The cases occurred in the village Kruhlyky, Starokonstantinovsky district. First came into the hospital 9 people, including a child. Later already arrived and the rest. The geography of this outbreak is quite wide, because there were many guests. People live in different territories. The main cause of fire experts has finally called a violation of cooking technology and low-quality jelly and vegetable salads. All victims are in hospital in average condition severity. This source also disinfected and treated,” added the reporter.

We will remind, five children of a Kyiv kindergarten was hospitalized with the diagnosis “acute intestinal infection”.