In KB “southern” complain about attempts to steal the enterprise

В КБ "Южное" жалуются на попытки разворовать предприятие

To require the Bureau to stop interfering RNA in the enterprise

The Bureau’s staff appealed to the Ukrainian authorities.

The labor collective of the design Bureau “southern” demands from the security Service and anti-Corruption Bureau to prevent the theft of strategic enterprises.

As reported by the Dnieper evening, representatives of the National space Agency of Ukraine was not on the submission of the same appointed acting Director General of the Bureau of the Victor’s Village.

Previously the labour team CB “South” demanded the resignation of the head of the Space Agency Sabadosh Lyubomir for the fact that he was fired from his post of General designer-General Director Alexander Degtyarev.

According to the publication, the management of CB “southern” appeal for annulment NSAU and support Degtyarev also extended to the International Astronautical Federation (IAF).

CB “South” is developing new types of carrier rockets