In Kharkiv region the baby knocked over a pot of boiling water

В Харьковской области младенец опрокинул на себя кастрюлю с кипятком

The child’s condition doctors estimate as average weight

Seven-month-old girl hospitalized with burns to chest, abdomen, arms and legs. Its status doctors estimate as average weight.

In the Kharkiv region in Kupyansk city hospital was hospitalized seven-month-old girl with burns to chest, abdomen, arms and legs. Militiamen establish circumstances of injury to a child, said on Wednesday, December 12, the press service of the regional police.

Provided that the call went investigative team Kupyansk police Department.

“According to 25-year-old mother became aware that her daughter is moving on a baby stroller, left for a while unattended and turned on the kitchen on the pot of boiling water,” – said in the message.

The current condition of the child, doctors assessed as moderate.

Information about the incident journaled single consideration. The issue of qualification of the incident under the Criminal code.

Earlier in the hospital in Vinnytsia region died the girl that was one year. In the clinic she got burn after swimming.

It was also reported that in Izyum, Kharkiv region court arrested a woman, who accidentally drowned in a bath my two year old daughter. After this incident, the woman was drunk and tried to drown herself in the river Seversky Donets.

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