In Kherson, a Ukrainian boat rammed a Russian tanker

В Херсоне украинец на лодке протаранил российский танкер

The man survived, but received a severe head injury

The man was drunk and in the dark saw the moored vessel.

On the evening of 16 September in Kherson man on the boat rammed the Crimea arrested Russian ship Mekhanik Pogodin, according to the website of the New day.

“Board of durable metal was not damaged and the boat was thrown on a concrete pier, and the order crushed. However, her 38-year-old owner survived, but with a fractured head, a laceration on the back of his head and multiple bruises all over my body. The scene of the accident he was taken to regional hospital”, – is spoken in the message.

The cause of the accident on the water are established.

It is noted that the man was drunk.

В Херсоне украинец на лодке протаранил российский танкер


“In the dark (about eight o’clock in the evening), he noticed too late that there is an obstacle, and had not time to turn away or slow down. For which he paid with his own health”, – reported on its website.

Recall, the tanker Mekhanik Pogodin was detained in the port of Kherson on August 10. Soon a decision was made about blocking the Russian vessel for three years.

Later, the crew was visited by the representatives of the OSCE.


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