In Kherson drivers of minibuses went on strike

В Херсоне водители маршруток объявили забастовку

The passengers stormed the trolley

The drivers refuse to carry passengers for four hryvnia. At the same time, trolleybuses are not able to get everyone to go.

Drivers of minibuses Kherson on Friday, November 16, not out on the line in protest against the court’s decision, which suspended the decision of raising the toll to six hryvnia, reports Tissone.

At stops, accumulates a large number of people. Overcrowded trolley passing by without stopping.

It is noted that some motorists pick up passengers, but it generally does not save from collapse.

However, some drivers are single is still out on the line, but demand for travel is not even six, and eight hryvnia.

November 5, Kherson Executive Committee made the decision to increase fares to six of the hryvnia, which was immediately appealed. The court took the decision on the return of the old tariffs before the case in fact. Yesterday that decision was in the hands of the mayor of Kherson Vladimir mikolaenko.



Carriers protested and warned that Friday’s routes will not work.

A similar situation was recently in Ternopil. November 5, under public pressure, the city of Ternopil has cancelled increase of tariffs for journey in public transport. Thus, the cost of travel in the bus back from 9 to 5 UAH as it was before 1 Nov.

In response, on November 6, private carriers was stopped on routes, demanding to raise fare.


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