In Kherson in support of LGBT came out only one person

В Херсоне в поддержку ЛГБТ вышел только один человек

Only one activist in Kherson came out in support of the LGBT community

Around the activist gathered more than hundred persons, who were not allowed to hold a peaceful March.

In Kherson on Tuesday was planned action on the International day against homophobia, reports UNN. According to the organizer, a local activist Yevgeniya Rudenko, had planned a peaceful March.

“I am deeply concerned about the state of human rights, because for me personally, as a citizen, that is the Foundation of building a successful country. So I decided to show the world that Kherson citizens are not indifferent to the problems of others. And show that to divide people on any grounds – is simply senseless”, – said Rudenko.

Reportedly, at the appointed time on the square of Freedom appeared only one promoter. Meanwhile, gathered around him more than a hundred people who opposed the event.

“It is planned the March for the promotion of unhealthy family values. I hope that we will not have this imposed on the public, promoted. And we gathered to show their position is that Ukraine and Ukrainians of the traditional family”, – said the Deputy of the city Council from the “Svoboda” Vitaly Urban.

Later the activist was joined by several women and they tried to walk the procession, but they prevented the opponents action. Held verbal sparring.

After that the organizer of the action and women who supported him, the police held the car to avoid collisions.

Earlier, the ambassadors of Western countries urged the authorities of Kiev and other regions to provide LGBT-community safety while scheduled for June 12, the March of equality.

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