In Khmelnytsky oblast man tried to blow up a grenade friends

В Хмельницкой области мужчина пытался взорвать знакомых гранатой

After the explosion, the man never got out of the car

The attacker threw the ammunition in three men from the window of his van, but missed.

In the town of Polonne in Khmelnytskyi region a local resident, tried to blow up three of his friends with a grenade. On Monday, 3 December, the press service of the Channel.

It is noted that the incident occurred the night before. Man after a quarrel threw a grenade at the three friends from the window of his bead.

“Between the 40-year-old detainee and the three men had a verbal altercation, which resulted in the attacker right from the window of his van left in the direction of the victims, who were standing on the side of the road, a grenade RGD-5. The man threw the grenade on the target and it exploded near the road, so the pieces are only lightly touched the victims”, – stated in the message.

After the explosion, the suspect got out of his car to render aid and immediately went to his home, and then to the city of Rivne, where he made the hotel and tried to provide an alibi.

The victims appealed to the police. Militiamen identified the possible location of the attacker and detained him in the Rivne region.

Opened criminal case under article about illegal circulation of the weapon and attempted premeditated murder committed in a way dangerous to lives of many persons. the Suspect faces imprisonment for a term of 10 to 15 years.

The investigation is continuing. Police establish where the man took the ammunition.

В Хмельницкой области мужчина пытался взорвать знакомых гранатой


Earlier in Kamenka during the feast a man detonated a grenade. Two people were hospitalized with injuries.

Recall that in Transcarpathia in the house with sleeping children threw the grenade.

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