In Khmelnytskyi half a million “children’s” money went to bonuses to accountants hall

В Хмельницком полмиллиона "детских" денег пошли на премии бухгалтерам мэрии

In Khmelnytsky the city Council spent almost half a million hryvnia

In the mayor’s office of Khmelnytskyi illegally awarded workers of centralized accounting Department of the Department of education of the city Council.

In Khmelnytsky the Prosecutor’s office investigate the illegal awarding of workers of centralized accounting of the Department of education of Khmelnytskyi city Council for 2012-2015. This is evidenced by the corresponding decree of the district court, reports on Tuesday, October 9, the local edition

According to the preliminary investigation, officials of Department of education of Khmelnytskyi city Council, abusing official position, during January 2012 – December 2015 at the expense of means of special Fund of pre-school educational institutions of the city count and paid a premium of 25 employees of centralized accounting management education Council. In this accountant are not on the staff of these institutions and are not involved in the provision of educational services.

“The result was the damages caused to a territorial community for the sum of almost 746 thousand. This is also confirmed by the audit of state financial inspection in the field: made illegal calculation and payment of premiums for a total amount of 557 thousand hryvnia, of which paid a single social contribution – almost 189 thousand hryvnias”, – is spoken in the message.

Also, the investigation revealed that the illegal payment, which has the signs of misuse of funds were made by a former head of Department, acting head of the Department of education and the chief accountant of centralized accounting.

Now continuing judicial-economic examination, which ordered the pre-trial investigation body.

Informed law enforcement officers exposed the fact of misappropriation of money at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

SBU also revealed the fact of embezzlement of public money officials of Ukravtodor in the amount of 30 million UAH. They have contributed to a controlled private company in winning the tender.

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