In Kiev, a policeman was injured in a fight after the accident

В Киеве полицейский пострадал в драке после ДТП

The incident occurred at night on Victory Avenue.

On the site of a fatal accident, which occurred on the night of July 10 at the Kiev Victory Avenue, in the fight suffered patrolman. This espresso.

Two companions tried to cross the road in the direction of the Park Nivki in an inappropriate place, but one of them knocked down the Mercedes.

Comrade tried to drag the dead body from the road, but by calling the police and an ambulance, left the scene of the accident.

Some time later at the scene came four men, one of whom was in a poor condition and rushed to the people, demanding of the driver.

One of the officers tried to calm the brawler, but the latter struck the lawman in the face. After that the patrol was forced to fire a warning shot from his service weapon.

To calm the man, the police had to use physical force and detain him.

Recall, July 9, on the highway Mariupol – Urzuf happened head-on collision of the cars Mercedes and Geely, two people were killed, one in serious condition.

Earlier it was reported that the accident in the Lviv region killed three chelovekam about a dozen were injured.