In Kiev attacked the Russian center.

В Киеве напали на Российский центр – соцсети

Russian centre of science and culture in Kiev

About the incident said the attackers themselves.

Members of the Black Committee stated that they on Christmas night doused with red paint by the Russian centre of science and culture in Kiev. The representatives of the organization said on its page in Facebook.

The report notes that the establishment serving as a cover for anti-Ukrainian activities of the Russian Federation.

The organizers of the attack also published a video recording of the incident. However, the video is too poor quality to give to understand the extent of the damage.

“On Christmas night the activists of the Black Committee attacked the Russian centre of science and culture in Kiev. This is the official government structure of Russia, which is a front for a hostile Ukraine propaganda, regularly organizes trips to the aggressor state and is campaigning here for the “Russian world”, – stated in the message.

During the attack, members doused the walls of the building in red paint, “which symbolizes the blood of Ukrainians at the hands of Moscow”.

Activists made the inscription “Death to Russia!” and scattered at the center of the cards.

Earlier In Kiev poured paint over a monument Vatutin.