In Kiev, cheaper heating and hot water

В Киеве подешевели отопление и горячая вода

Rates fell for most of Kiev

One cubic meter of hot water in the presence of heated towel rail is now 80,62 UAH.

Since December 31, 2017, reduced the tariffs for heat and hot water from the company Kyivenergo, which operates the majority of the population of the capital of Ukraine.

So, according to the decision of the national Commission of 28 December 2017, the tariff for Central heating for houses (apartments) with counters is now 1355,83 UAH/Gcal, and without house or apartment counter – 31 to 55 UAH per 1 m2 (including VAT).

Earlier of 1 Gcal of heat from Kyivenergo treated for 1414,45 UAH (including VAT) or 32,91 UAH per sq. m.

Also cheaper hot water. In the presence of the heater 1 cubic meter is now 80,62 UAH (including VAT), without towel rail – 74,53 UAH (including VAT). Previously, hot water was worth 84,45 78,08 UAH and UAH, respectively.

The second largest supplier of heat and hot water in Kiev – the Euro-Reconstruction received its tariffs in November 2017. The national Commission has increased the tariffs for the company an average of 9%. From 29 November 2017 1 Gcal of heat costs 1181,86 UAH (including VAT) for consumers with meters, and for subscribers with no house or room counters the cost of heating is calculated from the area of the apartment – 31,42 UAH per 1 sq m (including VAT).

Hot water from Darnitsa CHP, which is operated by Euro-Reconstruction, in the presence of heated towel rail is 70 and 56 UAH per 1 cu. m (including VAT), and no towel rail – 65,15 UAH per 1 cu. m (including VAT).

As reported Корреспондент.netas of December 1, 2017 debt capital consumers to Kyivenergo increased by one billion UAH and amounted to 3.9 billion hryvnia.