In Kiev, completed the installation of a restored cast-iron stairs of St. Andrew’s Church

В Киеве завершился монтаж отреставрированной чугунной лестницы Андреевской церкви

The completion of the installation of the restored stairs of St. Andrew’s Church

In Kiev, completed the installation of a cast-iron stairs of St. Andrew’s Church. About this on his page on the social network Facebook said the Deputy Director of the reserve “Sophia of Kyiv” Vadim Kirilenko.

“Over the installation of iron stairs and platforms of the main staircase of St. Andrew’s Church. All metal elements after the restoration returned to its historic place. Today, the restorers finished dismantling the protective tent, under cover of which the stairway was almost a year. Work is underway on the side railings and the front group,” he wrote.

Recall, the restoration of St. Andrew’s Church began more than a year ago. The state has allocated for the relevant work 4 million. To complete the repairs is planned before the end of the year and in the summer of 2017, the attraction will be open to tourists. Special attention was paid to the restorers is a cast-iron staircase, which is significantly worn out during the operation.

Earlier in St. Andrew’s Church included a new architectural and decorative lighting.

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