In Kiev detained Kazakh journalist

 В Киеве задержали казахскую журналистку

Zhanar Ahmed and her nine-year-old son live in Kiev less than a year.

In Kiev, detained a journalist from Kazakhstan Zhanar Ahmet. As told to the Public lawyer Vladislav Grishchenko, she was detained because she is in the international wanted list through Interpol on Kazakhstan’s request.

The journalist and her nine-year-old son live in Kiev less than a year and asked Ukraine for political asylum.

“On 21 November at about 18.00 in the apartment of Ahmet turned off the lights when she went out into the corridor to see what happened (as throughout the house the light was), she was approached by two men in plain clothes. They claimed to be employees of the Ukrainian police, the documents showed,” – said Grishchenko.

Ahmet called security housing complex, and they called the police. After the arrival of law enforcement officers and people in mufti left.

“Employees of national police received information that supposedly at this address, there is a man hiding from law-enforcement bodies of Kazakhstan and is in the international search through the Interpol”, – the lawyer added.

Ahmed fled from Kazakhstan to Ukraine in March 2017. At home against it openly some criminal cases that, in its opinion, are politically motivated.

Earlier it was reported that 400 to 500 former jihadists from Syria and Iraq are hiding in Ukraine.