In Kiev on the street again burst water pipe flooded a long stretch of road

В Киеве на ул. Борщаговской снова прорвало водопровод, затопило долгий участок дороги

In Solomenskiy district of Kiev even more flooded stretch of road on the street. This was reported by journalist Sonya Koshkina on his page in Facebook.

“Borschagivska Street. Quite a long plot from the exit Povitroflotskyi before turning to the “Polytech”. And only two cars emergency at the beginning and the end. And the workers are very relaxed,” reports cat’s.

Earlier it was reported that in the night of Wednesday, March 15, in Kiev, Borschagovskaya street, a pipe burst and flooded the road. The flow reached a depth of 10 cm is Worth noting that due to the incident the police had to block traffic on the street.

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