In Kiev region on fire killed three people, including two children

В Киевской области на пожаре погибли три человека, из них двое детей

Fire-fighting involved 14 firefighters

In Uzyn, bila Tserkva district in a private residential house was on fire, which killed three people, including two children.

In Kiev region as a result of an apartment fire killed three people, among them two children. On Tuesday, November 6, reports the press center of the SSES.

“November 6 at 1:01 in Uzyn, bila Tserkva district, in a private residential house was on fire, in which three people died (two of them of the child 2016 and 2017. p.). 3:47 the fire liquidated on the area of 64 m2″, – stated in the message.

As reported in Department, the fire-fighting involved 14 firefighters and two units of equipment of the state service.

Earlier in the Kiev region in the village Chepyliivka Belotserkovsky district, the fire killed 55-year-old woman and her 14-year-old son.

It was also reported that in the river as a result of the high-rise fire 3 people were killed, another child injured.

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