In Kiev, revealed the illegal production of gasoline from banned substances

В Киеве выявили нелегальное производство бензина из запрещенных веществ

The staff of tax police of Kiev together with SBU found the illegal production and sale of gasoline containing prohibited substances. This was announced by first Deputy head of the Fiscal service Sergey Bilan on Facebook.

A group of crooks imported into the territory of one of the storage depots of alcohol-containing substances and octane impurities, including prohibited for use. The oils were mixed by pouring one tank of different capacities and adding octane booster additives.

The obtained product was discharged fake invoices and bills of lading mentioned gasoline a-92 Euro and A-95. Sales of gasoline were documentary made out to a fictitious company with fake documents, and actually sold for cash without reflection in accounting.

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As a result in Kiev and Boryspil two searches were discovered and seized 142 thousand liters of gasoline, 1,4 thousand liters of engine fuel components, raw footage, primary accounting records and computer equipment. The total cost of the withdrawn makes 3,62 million.

As reported, in the Kharkiv region seized more than 13 thousand litres of illegal petrol.

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