In Kiev, sharply increased sales of premium

В Киеве резко возросли продажи жилья премиум класса

The capital has witnessed a boom in luxury apartments – a similar trend noted in the annual reports of several major real estate agencies.

Confirm the trend and registry data glove right: in 2016, new buildings of the capital premium was bought almost twice as many apartments than in 2015. The trend continued in early 2017.

Among the reasons for the growing popularity of luxury apartments experts call: a large amount of pent-up demand, formed in 2014 and 2015, a low level of confidence in the banking system, as well as a limited number of offerings on the market. So, for 2016, the number of for sale of apartments in new premium decreased by 30%. Because of this, the premium segment was the only property market that showed in 2016, rising prices, not only in UAH, but in USD.

“In the premium segment are put forward very high requirements both to the apartment and to the house. The role of not only district, but also from environmental conditions – the presence of nearby parks. Also very important the variety and decoration of the common areas, the presence of security and Concierge service, the views, the layout. Our clients have excellent reviews about the LCD Busov Hill, located on the street Buslovskaya,12, near the Botanical garden in Pechersk. The developer was able to accurately meet a pool of consumer preferences. This house is only used panoramic Windows from floor to ceiling, and the location on the hill provides stunning views of the garden, the Dnieper, the Lavra and the monument “Motherland” – says Margarita Khoroshun, consultant of the highest category, Academy Park Lane.

According to experts, a key role for buyers of expensive housing is the stage of readiness at home. Such objects are sold or on the verge of commissioning, either with documents, when investment risks are reduced to zero.

“These homes are not sold under excavation and, as a consequence, implementation of the company must be a huge reserve of own funds. This feature has forced many developers to abandon plans for the construction of housing premium in times of crisis. Because of this on the market today, there is a shortage of quality projects and, as a consequence – increased demand for them among buyers”, – says Director of the developer “Jalaludin”, whose project LCD Busov Hill – at the end of 2016, scored a victory in the nomination “the Best residential complex of premium class in Kiev” all-Ukrainian award “Building Awards”.

The Builder LCD Busov Hill saying that house meets all the requirements of the housing premium. Thus, the number of apartments per floor from 1 to 4, and residents carry Swiss 6 high speed Schindler elevators. The apartments are set exclusively panoramic Windows in aluminium profile Schueco (Germany) with energy-saving glass Guardian (USA). Special attention is given to the input units, a spacious lobby with real waterfalls and unprecedented ceiling height of 7.8 metres. In addition to the children’s Playground are also provided a games room, wheelchair-Bicycle Parking, rest areas for staff. The planning also put forward special requirements – kitchen of 30 sqm, bathrooms for each bedroom, space for spacious closets.

Interestingly, the high demands on services and facilities offered in the premium real estate are accompanied by the unwillingness of potential tenants to pay for upkeep. Energy efficiency and home automation are becoming an important factor in choosing an apartment.

“In the LCD Busov Hill has its own boiler and transformer. At the same time, due to the high level of automation of processes, introduction of system “smart building” and multi-level access control system, we were able to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the house. Reduce utility bills will be and ultra high energy efficiency buildings”, – says the Director of the company Jalaludin Igor Klepach.

According to forecasts, the housing shortage premium will continue in 2017. In addition to high capital intensity, to contribute to this and lack of land plots suitable for construction of elite houses.

“Now is a great time to invest in the housing premium. The cost is just beginning to grow, with worthy projects still have a choice of apartments. Optimal for investment, I think the objects on the stage as the Busov Hill – the house will be put into operation this year, i.e. putting your capital at this stage of the construction you can buy a luxury apartment in an almost finished house, passing a sufficiently high tax payments”, – summed up Natalia Pichot, the owner of an “NPIHUT-REALTY”.