In Kiev the drunk driver with a child rammed into the car

В Киеве пьяный водитель с ребенком врезался в легковушку

In Kiev on the Zhitomir highway, a drunk driver with a child rammed into a passenger car. It is reported

“The drunk driver of the Infiniti, carrying out the reversal, missed the Saab. As a result, suffered the driver of the Saab, which the ambulance assisted on the spot. Was drunk the culprit was carrying a three year old child. Fortunately, the kid didn’t get hurt,” – said in the message.

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At the scene worked patrols of the police and investigatory-operative group under investigation. Test dragør at the scene revealed the driver of the Infiniti almost 3 ppm alcohol.

Earlier, Boryspil highway, an accident involving 5 cars. In the incident killed the man.